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Livelihoods Survey

Planet Madagascar believes that successful conservation and development projects are founded on high-quality information. In order to understand the needs of the community and to assess the success of our projects, we plan to run an initial community livelihoods assessment by conducting household surveys in the communities in which we work. Information from the survey will be used to direct our future projects and will provide a baseline with which to compare future surveys.

Lambas for Lemurs

Lambas for Lemurs is a conservation education program created by Megan Shrum and Travis Steffens in 2010. Within the communities, our aims are as follows: to promote regional pride in lemur species, to raise awareness of the conservation issues facing lemurs, to link the importance of the role that lemurs play in a healthy and wealthy forest, and to highlight the importance of the forest for human and lemur survival.

Atiala Salama 

Salama Atiala means “good forest” in Malagasy. We plan to take advantage of our conservation education project, Lambas for Lemurs, to create immediate actions that community members can implement to help prevent deforestation. Together with community members, we will investigate and implement short- and long-term solutions to reducing forest loss and fragmentation.

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